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How to find your iPhone iOS version?

How To Find Your iOS

  • Click on the 'Settings' App on your iDevice
  • Scroll down and select 'General'
  • Select 'About'
  • Scroll down and you will see 'Version'. Your iOS is the numbers next to this field
iOS Location
Please Note: The iOS is just the first numbers, not the other data within the brackets

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Cell Phone Unlocking Support

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Jailbreaking your iPhone

jail break iphone

We show you how to jailbreak your iPhone. Our easy to follow on screen guide will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone step by step.

You will learn how to find your phone's serial number, download the corresponding firmware and install the scripts required to perform the Jailbreak operation. We even provide download links for firmware so you don't need to go hunting around online for them! To start, simply plug your iPhone and...

Unlocking your iPhone


Learn how to unlock your iPhone and use it with absolutely any carrier! as long as the sim card fits, you can use it. You will open up a whole new world of savings by being able to KEEP YOUR PHONE NUMBER while switching providers locally, or by adding a new sim card when traveling to avoid roaming fees.

Now you can take advantage of promotional offers and switch carriers before they go up to regular price!

Cell Phone Unlocking

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We've designed a system that absolutely any iPhone owner can use - regardless of technical background. You need absolutely no previous knowledge of these products to perform a Jailbreak and Unlock thanks to our signature "How to unlock the iPhone" tutorial series.

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